Easy and light, our vegetable spaghetti recipes are perfect for summer!

Vegetable spaghetti is in fashion: digestible because gluten-free, vegetarian and even vegan (or “vegan”), they also have an anti-waste side when you don't know how to cook leftover vegetables.

How to make vegetable spaghetti?

Choose vegetables with length, which allow for long filaments. Choose a classic vegetable peeler to make “tagliatelle” of flat and large vegetables, or a special serrated peeler, sometimes called “julienne peeler”, which allows you to make peelings in spaghetti shape. There are also utensils for making vegetable spaghetti, the shape of which is that of a pencil sharpener.

How to cook vegetable spaghetti?

- With water, like classic pasta, simply immerse your vegetable spaghetti 1 to 2 minutes in boiling water to soften them without overcooking them or destroying the vitamins they contain.
- In the wok, or in a frying pan, with a little vegetable oil: brown them, shaking the wok regularly, so that the spaghetti cooks and colors without hanging.

What are the benefits of vegetable spaghetti?

Vegetable pasta is a good replacement for “classic” pasta for a vegan meal. They are also more digestible because they do not contain wheat, and therefore, no gluten. They are quick to cook, and you can also eat them raw: after all, it's just vegetables! More fragrant than classic pasta, vegetable-based pasta brings a touch of flavor and color to your plates. To vary, why deprive yourself of it?

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