Endives with ham and gorgonzola

So that all the guests are served together and eat hot, it is better to forget the plate service and rather bring the pan back to the table!

For 8 people

Preparation: 30 min

Cooking: 40 min


8 large endives

8 slices of ham

1 l milk

80 g flour

80 g butter

300 g gorgonzola


salt pepper


1. Refresh the endives and cut them in half. Put them in a dish, add 10 cl of water and cover. Cook for 8 minutes in the microwave (do it twice).

2. In a large saucepan, melt the butter. Add the flour and stir 1 min. Gradually dissolve with the milk and thicken for 5 min over medium heat, without ceasing to stir. Add the diced gorgonzola and let it melt. Salt little, pepper and flavor nutmeg.

3. Wrap each half of endive in half a slice of ham. Put the ribs in a large dish and cover with the sauce. Cook and brown for approx. 25 min in the oven, preheated on th 6 (180 ° C).

By Valérie Bestel

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