Express: our quick and easy Christmas recipes

The ready-made recipes, the ones we make the day before and which we leave out in the fridge until the last moment, save us the night of Christmas Eve.
Recipes without cooking, too: these are often last-minute assemblies, ideal for aperitifs or cold appetizers. Bites, spoons, verrines, mini-brochettes… no need to hang around in the kitchen to make a festive aperitif! And why not organize an aperitif dinner?

We also rely on frozen foods, which are often requested when it comes to concocting a last minute express menu, even during the holidays!

To save time, get help! Friends and children can set the table, light candles, open the wine and even get into "little hands" operations, like peeling or cutting vegetables!

Immerse yourself in express recipes with basics, and twist them with party products! To bring the festive side without losing a second, we replace the cod with monkfish, the chicken with a can, the shrimp with beautiful prawns ... But there is something for all tastes, and all budgets: yes, you can invite for parties without spending a fortune, turning to festive and inexpensive recipes.

Prefer the ingredients to short cooking, or already pre-cooked: semolina, pulses, lasagna sheets, rice etc. Often available in a “quick cook” version, ideal for pressing. Fish and seafood also require very short cooking: we find them in force in our selection of express recipes.

On the pastry side, some people fear the lengthening preparations, the multiple devices and the many baking ... which also generate a surplus of dishes! A holiday evening? No thanks. We advise you to take a look at our selection of cakes without baking.

Finally, remember that the microwave can save you precious time. Often considered unworthy of party products, the microwave is nevertheless a pro in the minute cooking of foie gras, papillotes or certain cakes in the microwave!

Find our express Christmas recipes, quick and easy in a slideshow, so you don't waste time in the kitchen on Christmas Eve!

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