Extend your coloring, even in the shower

Those with colored hair know this problem well. By dint of washing, drying and styling your hair, the color fades and you have to go back to the salon. An easy phenomenon to slow down, provided you opt for the right products!

With these new combos of Revlon shampoos and conditioners, the radiance and intensity of our colo lasts up to 45 days. A little hair revolution that we owe to these two ingredients: the antioxidant cranberry and restorative provitamin B5.

The big plus of this range: the care is not tinted. No need to wear gloves, we wash our hair as with our classic shampoos and conditioners.

Revlon 45 days total care shampoo and conditioner, in supermarkets, € 9.90 per unit.

Do you know the pre-shampoo?

PURPLE SHAMPOO Brassy Hair BEFORE & AFTER | skip2mylou (May 2020)

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