Fall-winter 2019-2020 fashion trends

It’s off for a new season which obviously rhymes with new collections and trends to adopt. After revealing to you all Spring-summer 2019 fashion trends, head for the novelties that will punctuate our wardrobe this winter. Podiums at our favorite brands, find all the inspirations that will catch our eye, and the pieces that will undoubtedly join our dressing room. Follow the guide !

The right colors and associations for the season

We can note 3 main families of colors for fall-winter 2019-2020 :
Beige announces its comeback, from the most classic timeless to the warmest creamy caramelized or scorched cinnamon. To watch also, the "Hot chocolate"!
Tart macarons, tenderly pastellized : lilac, almond or vanilla shades, history of facing the polar cold with gentle protection,
The pop bright, saturated, tonic or winter sun like the mango, tomato and fuchsia colors, which express themselves on any matt or shiny surface, and even dare to combine them in total look.

Generally, the color will be worn in monochrome from the most neutral to the most lively. However, camels and caramels in major colors can be combined with petroleum blue, brick red, poppy or even purple.
The tender roses will match with deep fir green, like a new marine.

New prints and materials

Undeniable, the wild tachists are always at the center of the stage with the python and the zebra pattern as an alternative, and are renewed with pop colors this season.
Cashmere floral, reminiscent of 70’s also express themselves generously in all-over or in patchwork.
We also like the big flowers blurry, watercolor, preferably on a dark background.
Finally, tiles, conventional and unconventional like tartan, window style and checkerboard 80's revival, play the chic or grunge card.

In terms of materials, classic chic and version show off telescoping this season !
On the program, smooth drapery. But also shine all the day with supports that catch the material like satin silks, lurex threads in weaving and knitting, metallic jacquards, sequins and sequins gold and colors, metallic coatings.
Still hairy stuff, colorful fur with feathers.
Without forgetting the leather, matt, lacquered or with shimmering surfaces, to wear in total look.
More casual, velvety aspects: velvet sportswear ribbed with mohair mesh, foamy, swelling.

The leading fall-winter 2019-2020 trends to pique at the catwalks

The tailoring trend announces the great return of coordinated or decoordinated costume, a citywear more committed statutory at the expense of sportswear which seems to be fading this season.
Another comeback, the trend of the bourgeoisie or "Neo-bourge", a carelessly retro-chic allure with seventies influences, which plays with an ultra-feminine seduction, which will be available day and evening.
In contrast, more rebellious and dark but still chic, the trend towards emancipated, conquering glamor, in a rock-punk or sexy register.

The pieces to have in your closet and that we will see everywhere

- The metallic down jacket,
-The satin parka,
- The long oversized bathrobe or masculine coat,
- The vintage 70's spirit bomber jacket,
- The double breasted blazer, more structured and with slightly maintained shoulders,
- Man's suit in fused checks and corduroy,
- The oversized boyfriend sweater,
- The sweater and blouse with puff sleeves,
- Striped ribbed sweater,
- The floral bohemian midi length dress, with the bottom slightly asymmetrical, or totally plain and satin,
- The midi length skirt in city or casual leather,
- The high waist pants belt with wide legs or carrot cut,
- The return of the flare and some culottes,
Typically key details will focus on imposing shoulders and the size of the sleeves.

What do we keep from last winter?

- Leopard and checkered coat,
- The coat and bomber jacket,
- The long, fluid trench,
- The under-sweater and the sock sweater,
- The bohemian blouse, even with a frilled collar,
- The midi length skirt and dress,
- The jog pant fluid version,
- High-waisted pants, to tie or to belt,
- High waist jeans,
- Flare pants or jeans,
- Leather leggings.

... and what we forget!

Whether for clothing or for accessories, we no longer store or we no longer forget! Why ? Because we are no longer in this attitude, this way of being, of consuming: on the contrary, we keep, we recover everything to recycle, "Updater".
The vintage trend has never been more in tune with the times and already for several seasons, it's a way of rewriting the present with a more creative and personalized approach.

The good looks for fall-winter 2019-2020

- Oversized long boyish coat + satin dress with ruffled details or tube tube dress + low boots,
- The pantsuit New british + sweater or T-shirt with message + sneakers,
- Velvet blazer jacket + bohemian floral dress + boots or sneakers,
- The vintage jacket + the sock sweater + the culottes + boots.

Thanks to Claire Rémy, Head Designer Women’s RTW at Carlin.

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