Finally, original melon recipes!

In spring and summer, the melon is on all tables! What if we presented and cooked it differently? Discover all our original recipes with melon thanks to our slideshow.

It is not always easy to buy the right melon, several tricks are known to choose it well. You can recognize a good melon when it is heavy in the hand, because it means that it is full of sugar, and by its smell. Rules for keeping it well must also be observed. The melon is never placed in the fridge to preserve its aromas, put it in a cellar or a fruit platter.

Fruit very popular at the arrival of the beautiful days, the melon is invited on all the tables. As an aperitif or dessert, it always appeals.

On the meal menu, very original recipes! As a starter, prepare skewers based on melon, tomatoes, cheeses and chorizo ​​for your guests, they will delight. Simpler and just as delicious, succumb to melon maki, cream cheese and figs. An excellent recipe to prepare in no time during the holidays for example. Or prepare a ricotta-goat cheese pie and melon balls.

For the dish, concoct a duck breast with spices and melon, a sweet / savory duo successful!

And finally close your dinner with a dessert, make homemade ice cream with the recipe for ginger melon sorbet and melon caramel. Or opt for a sorbet served on a bed of coulis. Serve the sorbet in homemade cones to impress your guests. Always light, savor melon balls with an oriental fragrance and a few mint leaves. You will love !

For an extraordinary dessert, indulge in a raspberry meringue melon to awaken everyone's taste buds.

You just have to organize a summer dinner on the theme of melon. Good tasting !

By Zakia Mhamdi

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