Finally the holidays: be an informed traveler

Registered for a trekking in Corsica, the agency has just warned me that the program has changed, am I allowed to cancel?

Yes. As soon as the agency has informed you of the changes, you have 7 days to cancel your stay and be reimbursed for the sums paid. If the agency refuses the reimbursement, you can go to the district court on which you depend (it's free).

The booked stay provided air-conditioned accommodation, but the air conditioning did not work, can I ask for compensation?

Yes. On your return, send a registered letter with AR to the lessor or his representative to inform him and ask him for a commercial arrangement. Without forgetting to provide evidence: the document specifying this service, testimonies (from neighbors, for example) or photos of the defective device. On site (in France), you can also contact the DGCCRF of the rental location for false advertising.

I spotted a travel offer on the net, but the identity of the airline is not mentioned, is it legal?

No. The consumer must be informed of the identity of the air carrier. Note, however, that the service provider (the agency or the tour operator) is authorized to communicate only a list comprising a maximum of 5 contractual carriers to which he undertakes to use. This information must be confirmed no later than 8 days before the date of travel, or at the time of the contract if it is concluded less than 8 days before departure.

When I arrived at my vacation spot, I waited 48 hours to get my luggage, even though I had checked it in properly, can I claim compensation?

Yes. According to the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions, the carrier is liable for damage resulting from a delay in passengers, baggage or goods. A complaint must be made by registered letter with AR at the counter of the company, at the latest within 21 days following the date on which the baggage should have arrived. Compensation can go up to 1200 euros for a delay in luggage, but you must be able to justify the damage suffered (program of the stay questioned, purchase of a change of clothes, toiletries, etc.).

Useful links and addresses

The district court nearest to you:

The blacklist of airlines which combines official blacklists and journalistic data:

The French Association of Air Transport Users(AFUTA)
28 rue Desaix
75015 Paris
Phone: 01 45 67 22 89

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