Galette des Rois à la frangipane: our traditional recipes for the Epiphany

Epiphany arrives, and with it, its batch of beautifully golden patties that decorate the windows of pastries. This year, why not do it yourself? For this, you need to master its fundamentals: two well flaky pasta and a gourmet frangipane. Discover now in video the recipe of Dominique Saibron, a master in pancake! He also shared with us the recipe for his pistachio pancake, absolutely divine ...

To save time, you can buy rolls of dough ready to roll out in the supermarket or, better, order it from your baker. As for the frangipane, it consists of an almond cream mixed with a pastry cream. The good tip for joining the two pasta together: brush the outline with a beaten egg

We often confuse the galette des rois with the Pithiviers puff pastry, a cake quite similar but only topped with almond cream. This is generally more mounted than a traditional pancake, which is slightly flatter.

In any case, you can vary the pleasures by playing with shapes and aromas. Decorate your cake with fresh or candied fruit, flavor it with rum or orange blossom, fill it with praline or chocolate ... Do not hesitate to replace some of the almond powder with powdered hazelnuts or pistachios, for an even more original flavor.

In addition, the Epiphany is also an opportunity to "draw the kings". If the tradition has evolved a lot, today we are used to hiding a porcelain bean in the cake. The youngest child hides under the table and determines who will be allocated the shares that have just been cut. The person who falls on the part where the bean is hidden becomes the king (or the queen) of the day, and then chooses his queen (or his king!).

Now you have the chef's tips for making a beautiful, puffy, golden cake, just like at the pastry chef's!

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Galettes des rois à la Frangipane recipe (French + English subtitles) (August 2020)

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