Good deal: 30% discount on the Philips online store

You dream of a cleaning brush for the face but never taken the step of buying? A new epilator, or a pulsed light device, does that appeal to you but is it still a budget? Thanks to the promo code PhilipsPasseEnCabine, this is the opportunity to let yourself be tempted! Specially extended until midnight Thursday March 8 for Razor Girl Press readers, this reduction applies to the entire online store on the site.

In the beauty department, it's a good time to fall for a cleaning brush, for example. Ultra efficient, these accessories allow you to cleanse the skin perfectly in just one minute. The result is a brighter complexion, clearer and more plump skin that better absorbs care. Range Philips Visa Pure has several models, from the most basic (and therefore economical), to the most complete, capable of massaging the face and the eye area ... Latest, the mini format, practical to take with you when traveling and at a low price.

On the hair removal side, these are razors and clippers for men and women, electric epilators, but also pulsed light epilators from the Luméa range which are concerned ... Do you find that your hair dryer has lost your breath? This is an opportunity to change it, or replace it with a multi-head blower brush, take a look at curlers and straighteners...

Among the innovations that have amazed us, the new Pedi Advanced pedicure machine, light and handy, which makes baby feet in 5 minutes flat.

And since the discount applies to the entire online store, you can also take the opportunity to change your vacuum cleaner, iron (even crack for a steamer) or discover the benefits of fresh juice with a juice extractor.

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