Good tip: an anti-fatigue treatment offered!

For the launch of the latest addition to the Sublimist range, L’Oréal joined forces with the ready-to-wear brand Les Petites. The result of this great collaboration: care offered for a purchased sweatshirt. In addition, all the profits from the clothes are donated to the association Tous à l'École which supports the education of little girls.

Why are we taking advantage of this good plan?
In addition to buying a pretty gray sweater "Just Sublime", we add to her beauty routine this little flashy pink tube, at the border between skincare and makeup.

His promise is simple, but very useful: to save our mine from difficult mornings. With its vitamin E concentrate and light-reflecting pigments, it instantly reduces dark circles, puffiness and large pores. Something to refresh the complexion throughout the fall-winter!

The right application
We use it alone, after our usual day cream. You can also put it under your foundation, as a makeup base.

Go to Les Petites stores on October 7, on and to take advantage of the good plan: a sweatshirt purchased (€ 55), an anti-fatigue treatment offered.

For beauty enthusiasts, you can find Sublimist Anti-Fatigue Day Care by L’Oréal in supermarkets, at a price of € 12.40.

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You'll Never Pull With Skin Like That! YSL Anti: Fatigue Treatment (May 2020)

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