Good tip: beauty products to test before buying with Origines Parfums

Sometimes difficult to choose from the multitude of cosmetic brands in store. Even harder to choose the perfume that will suit you perfectly, without having tested it for a whole day and lived in its scent ... especially when you want itbuy online.

Test and resend

The Origines Parfums sales site for beauty products offers to test its new and very interesting concept "Test me". The goal ? The perfume purchased will be accompanied by a small test bottle to allow you to wear it a few days before making your decision. If you are not convinced by the chosen sample, you can return the perfume within 14 days, and you will be reimbursed!

Fragrances at reduced prices

The site sets itself apart by offering, among other things, a range of fragrances to unbeatable prices. Bestsellers sometimes sold to plus 50% discount, so much cheaper than market prices. In addition, exclusive collections are exclusive, such as the Gratte-Ciel collection of prestigious Serge Lutens fragrances, and collector's editions of great perfumes ...

The ultimate beauty plan.

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