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Anti-aging skincare enthusiasts will be able to take advantage of these two good winter plans: a nourishing densifying balm 75 ml (perfect for tired and slack skin) at the price of 50 ml and this pretty cuff bracelet offered for 40 € of purchases made in the Néovadiol and / or Liftactiv ranges.

So no more question of depriving yourself of these great anti-aging treatments! Their ultra-advanced composition helps to revive the natural production of lipids which tends to run out of steam after the forties. The result: more toned, plump and comfortable skin.

To boost their effectiveness, you can apply them by performing a few massage remodeling. To do this, slide the phalanges of your index and middle fingers from the inside to the outside of the face: from the nose, towards the temples and from the chin, towards the ears.

Neovadiol Magistral Night densifying balm in limited edition, Vichy, € 31.90 for 75ml.

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