Green varnish: good reasons to succumb to it

Latest, water-based varnish

It's a varnish formulated from a aqueous base (55% water) with a resin and synthetic pigments. It is odorless, avoids the emission of volatile compounds into the atmosphere, is not flammable and has a light carbon footprint as it requires fewer precautions for the storage and transport of products. Her outfit is of two to three days, and the use of a top coat (also water-based) is essential, but it is a little revolution in the manicure world. (Nailmatic).

Formulas boosted with natural ingredients…

Some varnishes are free from toluene, formaldehydes, synthetic camphor and other petroleum-based substances. These have been replaced by vegetable solvents made from corn, cotton, potato, wheat, etc. Result: varnish containing up to 84% of ingredientsnatural origin. The rest of the formula: synthetic pigments, film-forming agents and plasticizers. (Kure Bazaar, Manucurist).

… And in vegetable pigments

Some formulas go further into the naturalness and offer varnishes containing up to 85 % ingredientsvegetable originincluding pigments. The secret ? Pigments from elderberries for a pretty burgundy, radishes for intense red, sweet potato for fuchsia, eggplant for plum. The catch: restricted colors because plant pigments do not go on forever. (Aroma-Zone).

The care bases

Of course, they are free of phthalate, formaldehyde, toluene. They are also enriched in care ingredients like vitamin E, tea tree oil, olive bud extract ... based if you apply a coat or as a colored varnish if you apply three or four. (Uka).

Cuticle care

To restore flexibility cuticles, vegetal oils are good allies. But there is still care more targeted who can display a certification organic. In particular, a gel mixing aloe vera, glycerin, pineapple extract and aloe vera pearls which melt during massage for perfectly nails hydrated. Apply each evening and, if necessary, use a boxwood stick to repel cuticles.

Intense Nail Gel, Lavera, € 5.99.

Natural boosters

Even without varnish, nails can be strengthened with products based on natural ingredients such as keratin, biotin and caffeine. Obviously, the formulas are devoid of formaldehyde.

ManiQure nail hardener, Alessandro, € 9.95.

Anchor base coat, Zoya, € 14.05 at

Evanescent moisturizers

Sensory, full of natural or organic ingredients, without parabens, these treatments pamper your hands. They are even available in new foam textures. Apply after each wash with a non-detergent product to prevent the skin from drying out.

Beauty cream for hands and nails, Bio Beauté by Nuxe, € 5.90.

Hand cream, Eclat Royal, Abellie, € 14.90.

Enchanting balm, hands & nails, Natura Siberica, € 12.

Mild solvents

Labs have done great things, they are still rare, but some of them have managed to formulate products without acetone or acetone derivative, but above all, solvents with ingredients 100% natural. Solvents are made from corn, wheat, cane sugar, and incorporated into a base of sweet almond oil.

Solvent oil, Same, € 15.90.

Thanks to Lilian Monnier, co-founder of Nailmatic.

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