Halloween Cupcakes by Monsukré

Kim Lebon alias Monsukré is a cake designer (on social networks and in his Parisian pastry shop). She creates cakes as impressive as they are good, for all events. For Halloween, Monsukré cooked for Razor Girl Press three cupcakes decorated with pumpkins, witch hats and tombstones. For a dinner aperitif or a snack with your children, discover this quick and easy recipe on video.

The ingredients for 5 cupcakes:

-40 g ointment butter

-60 g crystal sugar

-1 egg

-100 g flour with integrated yeast

-25 g almond powder

-7 cl milk

-5 g natural vanilla extract

-60 g egg whites (2 egg whites)

-100 g crystal sugar

-50 g soft butter

-Perfume or colorant of your choice (here orange, green and purple)

- Orange, green, black and brown sugar paste.

The preparation of cupcakes:

In a bowl, work the ointment butter and sugar, until you get a frothy and white mixture. Add the egg and beat quickly.

Pour half the flour, then the milk. Mix vigorously.

Add the vanilla extract and the rest of the ingredients. Mix with the maryse, being careful not to break the preparation.

Fill the boxes 3/4 full, then put in the oven for 18 minutes at 170 ° C.

For the buttercream frosting:

In a bowl, heat the sugar and the egg whites in a bain-marie to 55 ° C without ceasing to whip until you get the consistency of a firm and firm white Italian meringue.

Once the meringue has cooled, add the soft butter, cut into small pieces. Then add the fragrance or color of your choice. Here, the frosting is divided into three and colored in green, purple and orange.

For decoration:

Poach the buttercream on the cupcakes, with a pastry bag.

The sugar paste is worked like plasticine. For a pumpkin in sugar paste form a ball of orange color, flatten it slightly to create a shape of squash. With a round-end knife trace the streaks of the pumpkin. Take a small piece of green sugar paste, form a cone and twist it to create the tail of the pumpkin. To add the tail to the pumpkin, wet the place where you want to position it using a brush dipped in water.

Using black sugar paste, form a mouth. And with a food pen, draw two triangles to form the eyes. Place the pumpkin on your frosting. You can sprinkle with bitter cocoa.

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How to Make Halloween Cupcakes (July 2020)

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