Halloween dessert: our original recipes

To end a Halloween-themed meal with a great cocktail, or to simply entertain children, these dessert recipes will delight the taste buds of both young and old. Cakes, pies, cupcakes, chocolate truffles ... Simple and quick or more elaborate, they will dazzle lovers of terror.

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The iconic pumpkin pie

In Anglo-Saxon countries (where the Halloween party is very popular), a dessert stands out particularly: the pumpkin pie (or pumpkin pie). This sweet pie is made from pumpkin steamed and then mashed. Add almond paste, cream, sugar and eggs (and cinnamon for lovers) to the mix. This mixture is then placed on a shortcrust pastry.

⋙ The recipe here.

The bloody recipe: the brain cake

The illusion is perfect. With this bloody brain, your guests will be totally frightened. Straight out of a scary movie (or an episode of The Walking Dead) this brain cake is a real delight. The recipe was developed by Chris, the candidate for the 5th season of the show "The best pastry chef"(M6). The brain is actually a chocolate cake base (baked in two molds) covered with a chocolate ganache, almond paste and raspberry puree (to represent the blood). This cake is a bit technical, but the result is worth it.

⋙ The recipe here.

Easy and quick recipes: spiders

This spider cake recipe is very simple and is prepared in 15 minutes flat, to which you only have to add 30 minutes of baking. Make with a base of grated carrots, it is decorated with small spiders in Oreos and licorice legs.

⋙ The recipe here.

Even faster recipe: spider madeleines. Buy a pack of madeleines, dip the bump in melted chocolate and put two candies as eyes (the hardening chocolate will keep them in place). With a licorice roller, insert eight legs, and here’s a cute little spider to accompany your Halloween meal.

⋙ The recipe here.

The recipe for pumpkin cupcakes

First prepare the base of the cake, vanilla muffins (or chocolate if you prefer). The pumpkin is made in sugar paste, you will need two colors, orange and black.

⋙ The recipe here.

The recipe for Halloween chocolate mousse

Easy and effective, this chocolate mousse recipe draws its originality from its container. Arranged in a hollowed mandarin, it becomes a pretty pumpkin once decorated.

⋙ The recipe here.

Harry Potter Molasses Pie Recipe

A favorite dessert of the little wizard with glasses created by J.K. Rowling, the molasses pie is made from cane or beet sugar that has been cooked and from which the sugar crystals have been removed. Here, the molasses pie is made from “golden syrup”, a kind of lighter molasses, and more suited to our palate. Accompany this cake with good butterbeer to follow the theme of the wizarding world to the end.

⋙ The recipe here, molasses pie.

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