Homemade Eskimos

To refresh your guests during the picnic, serve Eskimos made by yourself. Vary the tastes according to the desires of your guests for their greatest pleasure!

It's summer and everyone loves to cool off with good fruity ice cream. With all the flavors they are always delicious. For even more fun, make your own Eskimos, you will savor them and it's super easy to do!

To make these homemade Eskimos, you need fruit syrup or fruit juice chosen according to your tastes, coconut milk, Eskimo mussels and small wooden sticks.

How to do ?

Superimpose layers of syrup or fruit juice (multifruit, orange, or lemon for example), and coconut milk in eskimo molds. With each layer put in the eskimo mold, wait until it freezes well before superimposing a second layer and continuing your ice cream.

And to finish your ice creams, insert a wooden stick in the last layer of ice cream and then let them finish freezing.

Creation: Sarah Vasseghi
Styling: Camille Vurpas

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DIY | School Projects | Craft Ideas : "How to make Eskimo" (July 2020)

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