How to choose the best pulsed light epilator?

Seen from the outside, a pulsed light epilator looks like a classic epilator, apart from the flat part that looks like a barcode scanner, which replaces the traditional and dreaded tip of epilators . This flat part is placed against the skin and gives off a UV light in flashes.

This fairly recent technology was, a few years ago, reserved for aesthetic professionals. But now each of us can have one at home. A big saving of time and energy in the lutte against the hairs ! Before finding the best of pulsed light epilators thanks to our comparison, we take stock of the questions to ask.

Wired or wireless, the pulsed light epilator is a question of mobility

Most pulsed light epilators have a power cable which plugs into a power outlet, but there are also models that work by bluetooth, which are therefore wireless. These are perfect for being taken on a tripbecause they have a certain amount of battery life.

But they also have their quality flaws: the light flashes generated by the epilator require a lot of energy, it is better to choose the type of model according to the use you intend to make of it: for a rather small surface (underarm type), no problem. On the other hand, you will not be immune to the breakdown on a larger surface!

Manual or fully automated, not all pulsed light epilators are created equal

Whether wireless or not, the pulsed light epilator is often accompanied bya base. This can have several functions, but in most cases, it allows at least charge the device. Which does not prevent him from having other virtues!

Thus, some bases allow adjust the light intensity so as not to burn your skin, when others even serve to make a skin diagnosis (light and dark skin does not require the same intensity) thus avoiding having to manually manage these settings. What to avoid peeling the manual, but which, in turn, prevents you from personalizing the use of the epilator as you see fit.

In general, the more you go upmarket in products, the more your epilator will likely simplify your task.

Light and dark skin, each with its pulsed light epilator

Traditionally, pulsed light epilators have been best efficiency on fair skin with dark hair, because they operate by contrast, focusing on dark areas, namely the famous hairs. It is in fact on these dark areas that they will act. The most classic are therefore not always effective on lighter hair or on the face.

Therefore, it is best to ensure that the epilator of your choice has several intensity modes and, if you have dark skin, he has a softer fashion so as not to burn your skin.

Likewise, if you have fair skin but you your hairs are also light, do not hesitate to turn to a model specifically dedicated to light hair to get a satisfactory result.

Pulsed light epilators: not perfect, but not far from it

Increasingly in vogue, pulsed light epilators are now available in as many models as stars in the sky, so you just have to choose the one that suits you the most! Some have reduced areas for flash units, which allows you to focus on hard-to-reach areas, while others have very large heads to gain speed ... There is something for everyone.

On the other hand, on the price side, a pulsed light epilator is rather demanding level budget, compared to other hair removal methods. Count 115 euros for the first prices, and up to 450 euros for the most expensive.

But do not panic, you can quite find your happiness among the devices at 200 euros, knowing that the life of a pulsed light epilator is quite long (several years), since refills exist for the cartridge sending the light pulses.

If budget is a determining factor, also consider looking the number of light pulses proposed on a cartridge. Allow about 2 years for 100,000 light pulses… Check the price of a refill cartridge if necessary, in order to better balance your budget: a device that is a little more expensive but with a longer lifespan could ultimately prove to be a better option than the first prize which will need to be recharged every year.

It should also be noted that pulsed light epilators offer an almost permanent long-term hair removal technique, and what is more painless. The game is therefore very much worth the candle, especially since they have quite a few contraindications: it sufficesto be adult - to avoid disturbing a still growing organism - and to want to get rid of its hair, easy!

And to help you see clearly, find our comparison of 5 of our favorite models of pulsed light epilators, versatile and versatile!

Beurer IPL 9000 pulsed light epilator, € 255

Why we recommend it: Unlike other pulsed light epilators, this model acts on almost all types of hair since only whites are excluded. With a large flash window, he is also faster than many others. You can also buy replacement cartridges for the bulb, which extends service life of the device for our greatest pleasure!

Remington IPL 6250 pulsed light epilator, € 168

Why we recommend it: With his skin detector, this model chooses for you the most adequate intensity, which does not prevent you from adjust the intensity yourself if necessary. His bulb is also advertised as “unlimited”: Understand that this is guarantee just like the rest of the device.

BraunSilk-Expert BD 5009 pulsed light epilator, € 289.99

Why we recommend it: The pack for sale contains a exfoliating brush in addition to the epilator, which can also be applied on the face. Convenient ! With his skin phototype detector, this model adjusts itself on the intensity mode most suited to your epidermis. It would have almost everything to please, unfortunately it does not work on light hair, in other words red, blonde and white. On the other hand, the flash bulb is not replaceable (lifespan of around 120,000 flashes, around 2 and a half years). But if you have dark hairs, go for it!

Philips SC1997 / 00 Lumea pulsed light epilator, € 233

Why we recommend it: This model wireless and its pistol shape make it a very object handy and more convenient than most models. It also has a color sensor of skin, and finally in a fashion manual or “Continuous flash” to change frequency and go faster or slower. This model remains a good choice for its large adaptability.

Silk’n Infinity pulsed light epilator, € 239

Why we recommend it: This wireless model and very compact rather easy to carry, unlike most models. It also works on almost all types of hair (except white) and has a long service life, since this is estimated based on the bulb, or 400,000 flashes (about 8 years).

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