How to make up for a romantic date? (video)

The good news is that you, this evening, you finally have an appointment with this beautiful kid who appeals to you. The bad news is that first of all you have nothing to wear (as usual), secondly you will not have time to come back home to get a complete makeover. For the outfit, it is obvious that you have what you need.
For makeup, prepare a small kit in the morning with 3-4 magic products. The equivalent of the first aid kit, but in a beauty version.
With them, you can do a quick beauty treatment at the office before reaching your target. Listen Julie, you have to have a light hand or else frighten Jules. As we are in evening mode, adapt to this specific light. Work the areas of light on the face by applying a clear corrector on the nose-forehead-chin, blur by tapping and smoothing. Powder the nose because this is not the time to shine in society, not in this way anyway. A pink blush placed sparingly to give good looks. And a very light pink on the lips, neither mat because it dries, nor gloss because it sticks and you never know…
Thanks WHO ? Thanks Julie!

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How To Create a Romantic Date Night Look | Sephora (May 2020)

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