How to reconcile your man with the household?

You have never doubted that your better half is a man of the 21st century, but he seems to have forgotten it a little. It must be said that by dint of being a spectator rather than an actor in the household, he no longer really knows how to go about it, even with good will.

Rather than letting it fend for itself, give it the keys to success, and in less time than it takes to say, your home will have a second home fairy!

Multipurpose products so as not to scare him

Just as a musician cannot work without the right instruments, your man will have to focus on the right products.

And even if some seem irreplaceable, consider giving him multifunctional products to simplify his task: a multi-purpose spray (Mr. Clean type) degreaser for surfaces, hobs, and tables, and a cleaning product for floor. It only remains to take courage with both hands and said products.

Are two products too much for him? In this case, you can also choose to use multi-surface wipes, which will work wonders on your counters while clinging to a Swiffer broom in the blink of an eye. Otherwise, there are also concentrated gels (like that of Mr. Clean) which will be both effective on the heaviest worktops, such as hotplates, but can also be diluted in water for your floors.

So your Jules has no more excuses, except maybe not knowing how to replace the vacuum cleaner bag, but it's only a matter of time!

No, cleaning is not just a chore, even for your man

Of course, there are more fun activities than cleaning and you would do without doing it yourself if you could. Your man was not born from the last rain, he will surely smell the scam.

And if the pride of contributing to your home and contemplating a job well done is not enough for you, you can also consider a compromise: cleaning together! Because after all, a chore done by two is often less painful, and if your hands are busy, this would also be the perfect opportunity to share time together.

Not to mention that he can also present himself as a modern man and maybe even wow the gallery during your next meals with friends!

And if he wants to try alone, you have only one instruction: let him do it. Admittedly, it will certainly be less perfect than when you do the cleaning yourself, but just as Rome was not done in a day, your man must be able to improve to equal you ... And again, with efficiency products that you put in his hands, it would be difficult for him not to succeed in his mission!

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