How to recover after exercise?

Bet on stretching

During warm-up and after exercise, they help relax the muscles, thus limiting the risk of injury and avoiding stiffness. Practice stretching exercises, to limit the stiffness of the muscles. It also allows improve posture and balance.

To drink a lot of water

During exercise it is essential to drink lots of water. Don't wait until you're thirsty, drink lots of water during the session and within hours, to rehydrate your muscles. To compensate for water loss due to sweating, drink salt-rich water right after exercise. It helps reduce the acidity in the legs.

Eat almonds

Always keep some in your gym bag! This clever snack contains energizing proteins, fibers and good fats, which will help you stay in shape all day. Almonds contain proteins that help maintain muscle mass. Another good reason to eat it! You can also use almonds as milk, for example, in an energy drink made from bananas for sports. Finally, almonds are rich in vitamin E. A handful (28g) covers 60% of daily needs of vitamin E, with antioxidant properties.

Test cryotherapy

This is the technique used by top athletes. It consists of putting yourself in a box whose temperature drops to -140 ° C for 3 minutes. It’s a great way to prevent aches and pains, and to help you fall asleep at bedtime.

Sleep deeply

Treat yourself to a good night's sleep. If possible, sleep at least 8 hours the night after the effort. This will prevent injury the next day and in subsequent sessions.

How to recover from a tough training workout (September 2021)

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