I kept my child's soul. Is it serious doctor

To fully experience the present moment

Because children do not look at the past and do not worry about the future, they have a tremendous ability to live the present intensely. Keeping your child's soul allows you to connect to the moment, to live it fully, without worrying about what has been or what will happen. A real source of joy and happiness!

To dream and imagine

Childhood is a period of life that offers great creative power! Draw, sing, play, build dreams, imagine the future of everything possible, get bored to imagine better: nothing like having a child's soul to give free rein to your imagination, without constraints, without brakes, without limits. So, the afternoons to paint, the moments to dream with your nose in the wind: take advantage!

To keep pure feelings

Keeping your child's soul is leaving aside the feelings specific to adults that are cynicism, mistrust, criticism ... Keeping a bond with your inner child is nourishing feelings of contentment, joy , curiosity, astonishment, simplicity. Great qualities to develop every day!

To be surprised

Children have a very startling capacity for wonder. Because their lives are made for the first time, they spend their time marveling at their discoveries and discovering new things, with eyes that shine. Keeping your child's soul is making sure you never tire of anything, making the most of every little thing in life, the beauty of a flower, the flavor of a cake, the magic of a setting sun ... As if it was the first time!

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