I'm tired: 5 natural solutions to regain energy

Fatigue: the aromatherapy solution

In an empty bottle, add 20 drops of Peppermint essential oil + 20 drops of Black Spruce essential oil + 20 drops of Scots Pine essential oil + 20 drops of Basil essential oil + 80 drops (4mL ) Argan vegetable oil. Apply 4 drops of the mixture in massage in the lower back, at the level of the kidneys.

With its invigorating and stimulating properties, this synergy of essential oils constitutes a real “boost”! Please note: this mixture is prohibited for pregnant and breastfeeding women and children under 6 years of age. It is not recommended in case of epilepsy, liver disorders and cardiovascular or thyroid problems. A medical opinion is also necessary for people with asthma.

Source: The company of the senses

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Fatigue: the homeopathy solution

In case of fatigue linked to a badly experienced change of pace (after the holidays, a change of time or an extended weekend, for example): Gelsemium 9 CH, 2 granules once a day for a maximum of 10 days in a row.

If you feel tired just after lunch, accompanied by a desire to sleep: Nux vomica 9 CH, 2 granules before eating.

In case of a stroke of fatigue associated with a stroke of the blues - when you have "full of back": - Sepia 9 CH, 2 granules twice a day until the end of the difficult period.

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Fatigue: the lithotherapy solution

The starry red garnet, it is “the” energy stone: linked to creativity, it gives pep to people who need to make a significant effort (in the case of a large professional project, for example). Non-exciting, it is well suited for people recovering. Small bonus: it also boosts libido ...

Theraw hematite allows us to draw from the Earth all the power and energy we need. Very powerful, it supports our activities and promotes the circulation of vital energy while eliminating the energies that hold us back.

The action of hematoid quartz is comparable to that of a cup of coffee: it is an immediate boost that drives out drowsiness and clears up ideas. Use only occasionally!

Source: Crystals and well-being

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Fatigue: the phytotherapy solution

Place a handful of rosehips (these are the "fruits" of the dog rose) in an earthen pitcher with 1 liter of water at 60 ° C - for this, use a kitchen thermometer. Cover and let marinate overnight. In the morning, you will get a pleasant preparation with a slightly sweet and slightly tangy taste. Drink a tall glass every morning, especially in the fall and winter. This maceration is suitable for the whole family.

Source: 250 natural remedies to do yourself, Dr. Claudine Luu, ed. Living Earth.

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Fatigue: the naturopathic solution

In case of prolonged fatigue (for example related to the season or to concerns), make a cure of Royal jelly : each morning, let ½ tsp melt. to c. under the tongue. Twice a day, also take 1 tsp. to c. pollen.

"Eggnog" is an old grandmother's remedy for fatigue. Mix an egg yolk (organic) and a little cane sugar (about 1 tsp): beat until you get a cream, which you will incorporate into a small glass of whole milk. Mix well and add a pinch of cinnamon (optional). Taste!

Source: The best healing plants, Dr. Franck Gigon and Alessandra Moro Buronzo, ed. Leduc.S

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Health Tips - Fatigue (September 2021)

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