I tested the 1st automatic looper

Back to school, I want a chic and glam hairstyle à la Lauren Bacall. For perfectly drawn plump curls, in a snap of the finger and effortlessly, I decided to test the Curl Secret, the 1st automatic curler ... No need to wrap my locks around its curling iron, a rotary cylinder will now do work for me ...

How it works ?
I slide a wick mid-length, or at ear height, between the two curler tongs. I press ... and here it’s Space Montain! Drawn into the device, the hair disappears to make an express ride around a cylinder with ceramic walls. Small diffusion of heat in a gentle hammam version and, after 3 or 4 seconds, at the final beep, I release the clamps. The loop appears sublime and full of spring. As it cools, its swirl relaxes slightly, falling naturally on my shoulders. Amazing, I could never have done so well with a curling iron.

Do I keep it or not?
No more separating myself from it. The result is fast and natural. The best thing is to be able to abuse it without damaging my hair, because it never comes into contact with the heating part of the curler.

Curl Secret, Babyliss, 129.90 euros (available from September 15)

If you decide to stay faithful to your curling iron, discover in video the steps to curl your hair like a pro.

Stage Looper First Release Demo (May 2020)

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