I tested the anti-fatigue blur

On waking as in the evening, to expressly boost my crumpled face, I test this tinted care without further delay. Formulated with water, it promises to smooth, hydrate and refresh the lines drawn expressly. I ask to see…

So, tell me…
Once my skin is hydrated, I divide, on my cheekbones and my T-zone, a dab of this subtly pearly pinkish cream. I'm starting to spread it like I would with my foundation, from the inside to the outside of the face. Oops, no time to reach the temples. It almost evaporates instantly with the passage of my fingers. No trace of matter on my cheeks, just a powdery sensation. I repeat the operation on the forehead with a lighter fingering. Mission successful!

Top or flop !
I love the bare skin sensation of this mattifying anti-fatigue treatment, which boosts my skin in the blink of an eye. Gray mine finish! My complexion is brighter, and my now blurred pores no longer shade it. I love the freshness of its texture the instant it melts on the skin. Only downside: it is so discreet that it is almost impossible to work.

Baby skin Erase Fatigue Minute, Gemey-Maybelline, 12,45 €

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