I tested the cleansing butter

Like most women, I dream of skipping the make-up box after my day at work. To no longer be tempted, I need a quick and effective solution that, as a bonus, respects my sensitive skin. Why not try The Body Shop's Sublime Chamomile Cleansing Butter. Its unique texture turns into oil on contact with the skin to rid it of all makeup residue. Enriched with chamomile with soothing properties, it is also the ideal treatment to calm tightness in winter and erase signs of stress.

How it works ?
I discover, coiled in its round zinc box, a smooth white wax that smells of chamomile. I put my fingers on its surface. Surprise, it is compact! But, quickly, in contact with their heat it liquefies. In a few turns, they are coated with a melted butter texture. I apply it in a circular massage on the face. Without even rubbing, it melts and dissolves eyeshadows, foundations and blush. In 5 seconds flat my skin is supple and cleansed, it only remains for me to rinse with lukewarm water.

Top or flop ?
Top, without hesitation! This new make-up removal gesture is truly relaxing and, suddenly, no longer binding. Its super cocooning texture envelops my skin gently without drying it out. Perfectly clean, its touch is silky and its velvety appearance. A fun moment not to zap anymore ...

Sublime Chamomile Cleansing Butter, The Body Shop, 14 euros.

Discover in video the good gestures for a impeccable makeup removal.

Test It Out Tuesday - Clinique vs The Body Shop cleansing balms (May 2020)

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