I tested the nail foundation

Between fatigue, household tasks and hyper-pigmented varnish, my nails need to get a makeover. A good opportunity to test this multifunctional BB nail, rather than a single treatment base. It has, it seems, the smoothing and unifying properties of the foundation, and a vitamin formula to boost the strength of the nail. To have…

How it works ?
I choose from the 3 nude shades the one that comes closest to my complexion. Curious about the result, I immediately put on my layer of "make-up care". Shiny in appearance on application, the lacquer side suddenly disappears, like absorbing through a thirsty nail, and takes on a mat, powdery appearance, slightly tinged with beige. I just have to superimpose my color varnish.

Top or not glop?
Top, without hesitation. The result is stunning. A real second skin effect, which camouflages and smooths streaks without extra thickness or even material residues. As a result, the color is applied more easily, and evenly, than on a lacquered base. Ideal for impatient people like me, the texture dries straight away when matting. Only downside, slipped under a colorless or tinted varnish, it tarnishes the shine a little ... But I still adopt it!

BB Nail, Nailmatic, € 8 (points of sale on www.nailmatic.com)

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