I tested the Retouch Eclat dry shampoo

Between the summer heat and the air conditioning, my hair is flat and re-grease at high speed. But leaving my bed earlier to wash it every morning, too little for me. So I opt for plan B: dry shampoo! This clever product allows you to space out shampoos and, in a few pschitts, immediately gives volume and shine to the hair.

How it works :
This new product exists in two versions, one for light hair, another for dark hair. Light brown, I opt for the shade "brown to dark hair". I spray the product strand by strand at the roots, making small horizontal round trips. Barely 2 minutes to wait, then I brush over the entire length. A quick glance in the mirror ... My hair has regained body and hold. I take a closer look: no white residue or greasy film. But as a bonus, micro pigments have boosted the radiance of my natural color. The illusion is almost perfect ... Enough to go to my date without blushing.

Dry Retouching Shampoo, Dessange, 6.90 euros

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