Improvised summer dinner: our quick and easy recipes

The basics you should always have in your fridge

  • The ready-made dough (puff, shortcrust or pizza) makes it possible to improvise many recipes, but not just a quiche. With a pot of pesto, slices of tomato, slices of Parma ham, arugula and a few strips of Parmesan, you can prepare a thin pie or a pizza. This same Italian base (pesto, Parma ham, parmesan) can also be used to make bruschettas, penne or a pasta salad for a cold version.
  • When it comes to summer vegetables, peppers and zucchini can be kept for a long time, as much as you always have on hand. They will be very useful for making a risotto, a vegetable pie, a pasta sauce, or even a tchoutchouka.

The basics you should always have in your freezer

  • Chicken fillets can be used to improvise a Caesar salad, marinated skewers for barbecue or a risotto. With onion, pepper and tomato puree, the ingredients come together for an express Basque chicken. Honey and soy sauce, and the lacquered fillets allow you to prepare a wok dish in 15 minutes flat.
  • For vegetarian improv, frozen raw shrimp can be used in the same recipes as chicken fillets.
  • As for frozen vegetables, green asparagus, various and varied mushrooms and artichoke bottoms, you can also prepare risotto, gratins, lasagna, savory pies, or accompany grilled meats on the barbecue.

The basics you should always have in your closets

  • Rice for risotto (arborio, carnaroli or venere), dry lasagna sheets and other pasta are essential, then you have to accommodate them with what you have on hand.
  • Eggs, to prepare as a casserole dish with a little crème fraîche and chorizo, calves on a salad, in tortillas when you have a few patatas, or fried on the chchouka.
  • On the canned side, the boxes of crushed tomatoes are totally essential: Bolognese pasta, lasagna, Basque chicken, tchoutchouka or pizza, this is THE box that saves you every time.
  • For the sweet part, flour and a few dried fruits can quickly improvise a crumble with the fruits available, a box of apricots in syrup can help out for lack of fresh fruit. And with fresh fruit, you can also prepare poached fruit in homemade syrup, flavored with vanilla, verbena or rosemary.

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