Individual dessert: over 60 amazing recipes for the holidays

Why prefer an individual dessert?

If you organize a buffet or a cocktail party for the holidays, the question does not arise. We prefer to draw on a servant an individual cupcake like a nicely decorated cupcake, a kouglof or an iced macaroon ... Each is served according to his appetite, and we limit the mess. You can even offer a gourmet coffee (or tea) to your guests, for a light and modern Christmas dessert.

If your Christmas meal is at the table, that's another matter. Cutting the log, cake or Christmas cake can be a time of tension. A dessert served on the plate solves the problem. In addition, after a hearty meal, appetites are often satisfied. And seeing the dessert plates go back to the kitchen barely started can be furious. With verrines offered on a tray, each can be served according to his stomach. It is also an opportunity to offer fruit recipes which, presented in a bowl serve as a canteen, while in a pretty well decorated glass, they immediately take on a festive air. Finally, if you are having a small dinner, nothing like a plate service. You can prepare the elements the day before the meal, and spend a few minutes in the kitchen to take care of the training, and present a great dessert.

The individual desserts of the chefs

For Christmas, we want the exceptional. It is not uncommon to prepare your menu several weeks in advance, just to have time to find the right products. To find the ideal recipe for an original Christmas dessert, we like to look for the chefs. Hyper-technical like the Paris-Deauville by Eric Fréchon or smart like the log by Norbert Tayrare, they know like no other how to combine flavors and create dream dishes. Roasted tangerines with dried fruits for Hélène Darroze, crispy soufflé with grapefruit for Cédric Béchade… Even a simple verrine with chestnuts becomes an exceptional moment, under the baton of Christian Constant. To make this kind of somewhat technical dessert, it is better to test the recipe a week before in small quantities.

Verrine or crème brûlée, stars of individual desserts

These two blow hot and cold at dessert time. Prepared the day before but caramelized by the minute, the crème brûlée can only be used for serving. The verrine, on the other hand, makes it possible to compose pretty associations with fruit, ice, a sabayon ... While, presented in a salad bowl and served with a ladle, these light desserts immediately make a canteen (and it makes "slpouch" ), once they are slipped into an individual verrine, they become the very embodiment of refinement.

Logs, éclairs or cupcake: we put everything on the decor

Presented in the round, the log can easily become a portion dessert. With silver sugars or chocolate shavings, it keeps its festive air. Light or religious, traditional cakes are enriched with seasonal toppings such as chestnut cream, decorated with gold leaf ... Ditto for cupcakes and muffins and other pretty shortbread cookies, perfect for an individual dessert covered with a beautiful icing and Christmas cake decoration. Attention, the presentation takes time. Plan to make them beautiful in the morning or even the day before.

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