Innovative: night self-tanner

With it, your dream of having a sunny complexion, right out of bed every day of the year, finally comes true. This self-tanning cream is applied at bedtime to act, night after night, and gradually give you an increasingly golden tan when you wake up. It is then up to you to adjust its intensity, by suspending its use for 1 or 2 days when the desired tone is obtained. The best: its texture which penetrates quickly. No need to wait to slip under the duvet for fear of staining it.

Our advice: once your hazelnut of cream spread out in a homogeneous way, on the whole of the face and the neck, think of blurring the demarcations with a cotton at the level of the eyebrows and the roots.

The most produced: its formula boosted with vitamin E and precious oils. No more superimposing moisturizing and self-tanning care. In one application, the skin is golden and sublimated, and your youthfulness preserved.

Flash Bronzer Night Sun, Self Tan, Lancome, € 31 (on sale on Lancô and in perfumeries)

And for those who prefer sun powder, our advice for express application.

To apply your self-tanner without false steps, follow our advice on video.

St Tropez | In Shower | Review (May 2020)

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