It's new: the BB with tea tree oil!

Why do we adopt it? Enriched with this oil with anti-bacterial and healing properties, it fights impurities in depth. So, if we can hide small skin defects and fight them at the same time, we adhere to 100%.

In addition, thanks to its BB cream formula, it hydrates, unifies and matifies the complexion, all with a fluid and light texture. Ideal for skin prone to imperfections, it gives a nude effect and a flawless mine in the blink of an eye.

Our advice: on the application side, in the morning, spread a small amount of this treatment on your cleansed face. And opt for a slightly more colorful shade to enhance your tan this summer!

Good point too, the tea tree oil used for this day cream comes from fair trade. Cosmeto green fans will love it!

So what are you waiting for to adopt it?

BB Cream Perfection Tea Tree, The Body Shop, € 9.50 for 40 ml.

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