Johnny Hallyday, judged first

Johnny did not think he said so well. While the Hallyday clan is still torn apart over the legacy of the Taulier, The Express reported, last February, prophetic remarks made by the rocker before his death, in December 2017. "Laeticia will take shit buckets on the face. Help her hold on. ", he would have confided to his relatives before his death. Since February 12, 2018 and the official declaration of war by advocates, the clan has been disunited. Or maybe it was before ...

Anyway, there are now two camps: Laura Smet and David Hallyday (the elders of Johnny) on one side, with their respective mothers; Laeticia Hallyday (his last wife) and his relatives. Just over a year after the artist's death, who do the French support? This is the question asked by the magazine Closer (in newsstands Friday December 28), which publishes a survey carried out with Harris Interactive *.

The response of the French respondents is clear, sharp and precise: they support David and Laura at 41.5%. Laeticia, for its part, is only supported at 9.3% when 48.1% does not support "no" from both camps. Other results, a little more surprising this time: when asked who is "most responsible for the conflict that tears the Hallyday clan apart", respondents respond "Johnny Hallyday" himself, at 46.3%. Just behind, Laeticia Hallyday is, for 41.2%, responsible for the family mess. As for David and Laura, they are for the respondents, respectively responsible for 2.9% and 6.8% of this affair around the inheritance of their father.

"No, Laeticia's explanations therefore did not fully convince - whether it was her interview-confession to Point in April or his recent media tour to promote My country is love", notes the magazine. "No, the many defense messages from his friends did not reverse the trend. In the war between the two Hallyday clans, the first battle, that of opinion, was won by Laura and David." And to conclude, quite rightly, that the real fight "will be played from March 29 in court."

* Survey carried out online on December 18 and 19 on a representative sample of 1,048 people.

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