Kayla Mouvement: the slimming program that is making the buzz

Like every year, January is THE month of good resolutions. And the one that we adopt most frequently is to lose the few extra pounds accumulated during the holidays. To reach this goal, several million Internet users have chosen Kayla Gym, a method that is all the rage on social networks.

Kayla Itsines, a 23-year-old Australian sports enthusiast, is behind it. By starting to share her workouts on the web, she did not expect them to make such a buzz: the young coach now has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, and the before / after photos are multiplying under the hashtag #thekaylamovement.

The promise: a redesigned body in just twelve weeks, thanks to cardio and weight training. Each exo lasts seven minutes and must be repeated four times, respecting a rest time between sets. If you are a great beginner, start-up may however be difficult because the workouts are quite intense… And for those who also want to lose weight, Kayla lavishes menu ideas and a host of nutritional advice in order to choose the best foods and consume them in the right quantities.

If the program tempts you, it is available in two e-books: the Bikini Body Training Guide and the H.E.L.P Nutrition Guide, at € 59 each. Some of the exos are also available on YouTube. For best results, the best is to buy the pack, certainly a little expensive (100 € for two books), but nothing prevents you from sharing it with friends, and why not, to train together - much more motivating !

Only downside, the Kayla Gym method is not available in French. But it is also a good way to progress in the language of Shakespeare, while sculpting his silhouette!

Check out some before / after photos:

The method tempts you? Here is a brief overview of what awaits you:

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