Lamb shoulder: 3 quick and easy recipes for cooking leftovers

No way to spoil! Whether it's your leftover leg of Easter lamb or your shoulder of lamb from the weekend, the idea is to keep the leftovers for easy cooking during the week. Your lamb requires long cooking, but already cooked it heats up in just a few minutes! We deliver our three recipes to transform the remains of a shoulder of lamb into three tasty and express dishes!

Lamb bolo cannelloni

Cannelloni are these stuffing doughs of Italian origin. These tubes are stuffed with cheese, meat and / or vegetables. Often, in addition to being stuffed, they are placed in a baking dish and baked with cheese and a tomato or béchamel sauce.

To cook your leftover lamb shoulder, coarsely mix the meat with carrots, tomato sauce and herbs to create a stuffing for your cannelloni.

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Grilled lamb slices with virgin sauce

The sandwiches are in fashion! Easy to cook and very creative, they can be topped with anything that goes handy. They are therefore perfect for cooking leftovers. Accompanied by a soup in winter, or a salad in summer, they will make a complete, balanced and quick meal for weekday evenings.

To cook your leftover shoulder of lamb in this recipe, cut beautiful thin slices. These sandwiches are decorated with fresh tomatoes and aromatic herbs. But then again, decorate your sandwiches with foods that make you want, or what you find in your refrigerator.

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Pitas with lamb balls, mint and ginger

In mezze for an aperitif or for an out-of-the-ordinary starter, these lamb meatballs in pita breads are served with eggplant caviar to make them creamy. To cook your leftover lamb shoulder you will need to mix them coarsely. With ginger and mint, you will have a very fresh recipe, perfect for a spring picnic.

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