Like a plane in the city

What if in the not too distant future we no longer need to take public transportation or a taxi to the airport? What if we only had one footbridge to cross from the street to the plane? This is the futuristic and fanciful bias of Alex Sutton, a young graduate from the Bartlett School of Architecture, one of the most renowned schools of architecture in England. His postulate? Since air traffic is expected to double by 2030, new ways of boarding must be invented.

For him, the solution is to build airports in the heart of cities. Another noise nuisance for urban dwellers? A priori, no, since his project, imagined for one of the districts of Stockholm, provides that the planes would be towed, engines off, on a network of automated and elevated runways. Passengers could reach them by using automatic cabins, after having checked in via their Smartphone. We want to see.

Plane in the City Transformation (July 2020)

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