Lip makeup: our anti-aging tips

Lifestyle and anti-wrinkle cream
First emergency measure: avoid smoking. It is one of the major causes of wrinkles around the lips. The other factors are stress, pollution or the sun. These factors are also the ones that affect the beauty of our skin.
The lips therefore also obey the make-up removal-exfoliation-hydration triptych. Particularly fragile, this area therefore has points in common with that of the eye area. This is why it is possible to apply anti-wrinkle creams around the eye around the lips. The right rhythm: morning and evening.

Exfoliate around the lips
Once or twice a week, exfoliating the lips helps revive the microcirculation, reduce fine lines and get rid of dead skin.

Specific products exist commercially, but it is possible to use homemade recipes, provided that these are not based on aggressive products. Sugar-honey or sugar-olive oil combinations work very well.
For those who are used to using a dry toothbrush, it is best to give up. Because this type of scrub is too abrasive.
Once the exfoliation step has been completed, the area should be hydrated. You can use a face mask to apply a thick layer on the outline of your lips. Rinse off after a 20 minute exposure. And finish the treatment with the application of a colorless hydrating lip balm. The most effective formulas contain shea butter or beeswax.

Make up her lips
Indispensable: the silicone-based pencil that prevents lipstick from spinning in fine lines. The advantage is that it is completely invisible. For those who make up their lips with gloss or light shades of lipsticks, this is a great tool.

If you prefer the colored lip pencil, draw your lips, but do not mark the commissor too strongly, because you risk creating a "falling lips" effect. The choice of color is crucial. Some shades make white teeth appear while others accentuate yellow teeth. So avoid orange hues and overly blunt colors like fuchsia, purple, bright roses like chewing gum, and overly bland beige.

Choose pleasant textures
The gloss has its fans. For those with thin lips, because it restores volume. To wear it without fear, it is necessary to apply on the outline of the lips a line of silicone pencil. It is also advisable to choose it without a glitter effect, in shades of rosewood, raspberry or grape, with a cream texture which will have the effect of shaping.
Satin reds are a great option in the evening, as they maintain proper hydration. On the other hand, mat reds are to be avoided, because they cardboard the lips and draw attention to wrinkles.

Finally, a tip for glamorous lips: deposit a touch of gloss in the center of your lower and upper lips to catch the light and bet on a delicately “mouth to heart” effect.

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