Lunch at the office, our bento recipes

It's back to school. Perfect to start off on the right foot after our holiday excesses. How about changing our lunch habits? Instead of railing every day against the work canteen or worse, eating junk food in front of your computer, prepare yourself good little dishes that fit in a box.

Whether you call it “bento” like the Japanese, “lunch-box” like the English speakers or even a lunch box, the principle is the same: a balanced meal and above all homemade! Practical, but above all economical and nutritious, the bento has it all.

And promise, it won't take you three hours the day before. The simplest solution: optimize leftovers. Have you had too heavy a hand on rice at dinner? So much the better! Add a hard-boiled egg, a little white ham or a can of tuna, corn and tomatoes in the morning and your lunch is ready. It obviously works with pasta, semolina and all other starchy foods.

The additional tip: prepare your dressing or sauce in a separate container and pour it over your vegetables at the last minute. Otherwise, beware of the cooked head salad!

>> Find out now what you will eat tomorrow noon with all our bento recipes!

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