Macrame fringe bag

This revamped mesh bag is made by tying a plastic thread with a very soft touch. An original creation to try absolutely.

Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 12 cm


Phil Techno quality knitting yarn, Mint color 2 balls

Rigid or polystyrene cardboard

Head pins

Bag lining 35 x 25 (ref .: 499 002 0102, Phildar)


Cut the cardboard or polystyrene to the size of the lining.

Cut 1 strand 145 cm long = carrier wire

Cut 10 strands of 210 cm long = working threads

The bag

1st step

Wind the 145 cm support wire twice horizontally, holding it on the top of the cardboard or polystyrene using head pins.

2nd stage

Fold the working threads in half and tie them onto the supporting thread, distributing 5 strands on each side of the cardboard or polystyrene (see diagram n ° 1). We have 10 wires on each side (we work in the round).

Then tie the threads 2 by 2 to 6 cm from the top knot.

6 cm lower, tie the threads 2 by 2, taking 2 neighboring threads each time that have not yet been knotted together.

We made 2 rows of knots.

Continue in the same way to obtain 6 rows of knots in total.

Repeat 1 knot under each knot in the last row.

Equalize the threads about 11 cm from the last knots.

The handles

Cut 2 wires of 130 cm.

Fold in half the 2 threads 42 cm from one end (see diagram) tie them on the bag carrying wire on the 2nd knot from the center (see diagram and photo).

Make the flat knots according to diagram No. 2. Make 5 flat knots, leave 17 cm free and make 5 flat knots.

Attach the loop to the threads carrying the bag and tuck the excess threads into the knots on the reverse.

Make the second handle similar.


Sew the lining with the sewing thread, placing the sides at the edge of the item and fix the bottom of the lining on the last row of knots.

Phildar creation.
Writing: Elisabeth Renaudat.

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