Makeup tutorial: the easy liner line

Choose the right product
For easy tracing, preferably use a gel eyeliner in the form of a jar. Apply it with an ultra-fine beveled brush starting at the center of your eyelid. Stretch the line to the inner corner of the eyes, taking care to refine it as much as possible. Instead, make it a little thicker at the outer corner to form a comma. If you prefer graphic lines, use a felt eyeliner or brush.

Intensify your gaze
Apply a black kohl pencil to the inside of your eye and to the root of the lashes. This will make your makeup look sharper and glamorous. The tip for beginners: first draw your liner line in pencil before covering it with the eyeliner gel.

Lengthen your eyelashes
Apply several layers of mascara to open your eyes and perfect your make up. Do not hesitate to direct the movement of the brush towards the outside of the eyes to accentuate the crowbar effect of your makeup.

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How To Apply Eyeliner Like a PRO! Simple and Quick Makeup Tutorial! (May 2020)

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