Man bun: what if your man dared?

So, what is man bun?

It's very simple, the principle of the "man bun" is based solely on having enough length to be able to tie them in a bun. No need for a hair enhancer, let's not talk about volume, or even where to place it.

How to wear it?

If the idea reaches your man's ears, tell him not to overdo it. The goal is simplicity. We do not make several turns, we do not tighten the bun too much and we let a few strands protrude for a falsely "neglected" side. To tie it, we opt for a discreet link, a black or transparent elastic will be perfect. Height level, it's as he feels!

True trend, the man bun has already been adopted by our celebrities in long hair. Jared Leto, Joaquin Phoenix, Brad Pitt or Zlatan Ibrahimovic have tried it… A touch of sexy, and falsely relaxed, it does not take anything away (or almost) from their natural sex appeal.

We let you judge! Find in pictures, these stars wearing a man bun.

And for you ladies, watch the bun bun video.

✅ The Perfect Man Bun Length - Man Bun Monthly Ep4 (August 2020)

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