Maximum hydration for sexy lips

We would be tempted to abuse it, just for the pleasure of their good fruity taste, and their lightly tinged melting texture… Alas, with a single turn of gliding, these new generation balms immediately ensure non-stop hydration, 8 h during. Their secret: a super rich formula with honey, aloe and shea butter ... without forgetting a protective SPF20. As soon as applied, immediately smooth and soft, the mouth regains its luscious lip, sensual at will.

Their girly look is a real favorite. No more cheesy balm that you only sneak out of in the ladies ’room. These mini pepsys and tagged tubes are the "it" back-to-school treatments, to be drawn in society.

What fragrance will you indulge in: cherry, peach, cherry and almond, passion fruit, or lemon and basil? After all, why choose, when these greedy sins are only 3.90 euros ...

Baby Lips, Gemey-Maybelline, 3.90 euros.

And if, with your luscious lips you dared the Coral mouth. Discover our steps in video.

Celebs secret to PLUMP LIPS | NO INJECTIONS (May 2020)

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