Michel Cymes accused of infidelity with Marina Carrère d'Encausse and Adriana Karembeu: he reacts!

No, Michel Cymes is not an unfaithful man. For more than ten years, from 2007 to 2018, the most famous doctor in France co-hosted the show Hello Doctors sure France 5 with Marina Carrère d'Encausse. If he finally decided to leave the adventure, he then joined Adriana Karembeu on France 2, for the TV show The extraordinary powers of the human body. Accustomed to working with women, the host has often had to deal with rumors of relationships with his two sisters. Allegations which tend to annoy the 62-year-old surgeon, married to Nathalie since 2015. On the set of It feels good, sure Europe 1 on July 2, he also ranted about it.

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"At first, everyone thought we were together (with Marina Carrère d'Encausse). It swelled our respective spouses a little ", he started by explaining. Before adding: "Once it's gone, you can't stop people from thinking what they want. The main thing is that neither my wife nor her husband thought the same thing". Same scenario when he found Adriana Karembeu on France 2. "From the moment you are in a mixed duet with someone on TV, anyway, people think that you are sleeping with (...) Marina was that, and then it was Adriana ", he launched.

In private, they are only friends, as he told Anne Roumanoff's microphone: "My wife and Adriana’s husband know each other and are very good friends. My wife loves Adriana and there is zero worry! Now that people want to say : 'Ah, it's not possible! They are super accomplices! Watch how she touches him on TV! Look how close they are to each other, there must be something. ' If people like to think that, we don't care! What interests me is that when I get home, my wife has no doubts. And she doesn't have one! ". This is called putting the dots on the i's and the bars on the t's.

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