Mountain starter: our best recipes for the whole season

Whether it's a sale or the weather, we love preparing good mountain dishes: from starter to dessert, it's difficult for us to resist the temptation ...

Discover our gourmet mountain starter recipes

Mountain starter: the star is the cheese

If there is one product that you never miss when the winter season arrives, it is the cheeses! Between the raclette, the reblochon, the tomme and the Swiss gruyère cheese, our heart swings.

But our darling cheese? The Golden Mountain! Baked in the oven, pieces of garlic bread are dipped directly into it (at the risk of putting it all over the place). A gourmet recipe to share with friends as an aperitif but which is readily available in a flat version when served with potatoes and local cold meats.

Focus on mountain cold cuts

In the mountains, we also like to taste tender hams and other delicious meats of altitude for a gourmet cold appetizer. Why ? Because salting is indeed ideal! The fondant of the sausage, the crispy meat of the Grisons, the softness of a raw ham, we already salivate!

Potatoes for a comforting mountain starter

Of course, it is simply impossible to conceal the presence of potatoes when one thinks of mountain cuisine. To change the raclette or the tartiflette, we have good ideas for variations: cromequis, these stuffed potato dumplings, hedgehogs with their beautiful striated appearance or even the famous potato pancake (or rösti)! This specialty is probably our favorite version that we eat almost exclusively on skis. Easy to prepare, it appeals to both adults and children. To be tested without further delay.

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