New Year's Dessert: our sweet recipes for Christmas Eve

On the final stretch with the end of the year, make New Years Eve a success by cooking easy, quick and economical recipes. And don't forget the "wow" effect with successful and delicious desserts. Whether you are a log for the tradition, a chocolate fondant for the cocoa, verrines for the practical aspect, or an original piece… the dessert must be perfect!

The log, the star of the holiday season

The essential Christmas dessert extends its flavors until New Year's Eve. And precisely, to not be like December 24, choose it no frills at the decor. Aim for something simple but above all greedy. Remember that appetite starts with a simple look. Prepare your rolled cookie and decide on the filling. Chocolate remains a safe bet, make a Black Forest-style log with milk chocolate mousse to appreciate the contrast of flavors and soften the black cover. If your stomach needs lightness, offer a light one Fruit. Replace the buttercream with mascarpone and garnish with frozen raspberries, slivered almonds or pistachios.

The many chocolate desserts

It is a must for all parties: the famous chocolate fondant with a running heart. Make a simple recipe that requires little time (because let's not forget that you have a whole New Years Eve to prepare!). Bake in individual molds, in mugs, or molds to miss. Do not overcook, leave the running heart. It's delicious and it always has an effect. In addition, you can prepare it at the last minute. Decorate with a layer of mascarpone and place fruit, orange slices or candies. On individual fondants, put a cover of dark chocolate, dskin with a walnut kernel or crushed pistachios. Also adapt the recipe mixing chocolate and chestnut cream. If you have time, make two layers, one with dark chocolate and the second with milk. If you need freshness, make mini portions and serve them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Frozen desserts to melt the taste buds and the meal

Even in winter frozen desserts have their place. Ice cream cups, vacherin… There is something for everyone. And if you want to shiver with pleasure, try the Norwegian omelet. A wonder when it is flamed and in addition you will have the congratulations of the jury. The profiteroles are simple to make and you can stuff them at the last moment with ice cream of different flavors. And don't forget the chocolate coulis. Something to shiver with pleasure on New Years Eve.

La Tropézienne to impress your friends

To have a party effect, mix the muslin cream with chocolate, pistachio cream or orange blossom. Replace pearl sugar with sparkling or colored sugar. If there are not many of you, make mini-tropéziennes and serve them with a scoop of ice cream.

Abundant verrines

At the table, they are elegant, can be made in advance and can be used as a starter, main dish or dessert. It's the holidays, so get some pretty clear glasses or ramekins. In terms of flavors, play on successive layers of cream and fruit. add crumble for crisp. Place crumbled cookies or muesli in the bottom. If you want a quick and easy recipe, remember to mix white cheese with a fruit coulis, or a lemon, chocolate, vanilla cream…

Tatin tarts for the most gourmet

The magic thing about Tatin is that you can make it with apples (classic recipe), mangoes, pears, pineapple, pear / chocolate mix… You can garnish with walnut or pistachio kernels and serve with a scoop of ice cream.

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