Nivea cream in a magical version

This year again, the legendary little blue box is offering a new look: the magical world of children's comics. Discover 4 collector's versions, with 4 candid and tender drawings signed by Joëlle Tourlonias, in which Léo and his little sister Mia are the heroes against the backdrop of the Milky Way.

The white texture of this protective cream, with its sweet fragrance recognizable among a thousand, remains timeless. And because it soothes the skin of young and old alike, its illustrated collection will delight the whole family.

Nivea Limited Edition Cream, € 2.45.

Notice to toddlers:
Find without further delay the 5 new adventures of Léo and Mia on As a bonus, interactive games and coloring pages to print.

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Magic with nivea cream (May 2020)

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