No more large pores!

Those who have combination or oily skin are well aware of this problem ... It is fine to apply powder, after a few hours, the shiny and enlarged pores appear. To counter them and keep your skin clear all day, put in your bag this new mattifying stick. It contains absorbent microspheres that act over the hours on the skin. It's like a mix between a base and a blur!

His promises:

  • minimize the appearance of pores
  • absorb excess sebum
  • mattify the skin for 6 h

Where and how to use it?
Especially not on the entire face, but locally on areas prone to shine or blackheads: the wings of the nose, the center of the forehead, the chin, the cheeks ... You can apply it alone on your skin, before your foundation or touch-up during the day over your make-up. With its very precise triangular shape, you can easily reach the small corners of the face, the top!

License to blot, Benefit, € 22.

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Pores | How To Shrink Pores | How To Get Rid Of Pores (May 2020)

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