No more panda eyes with this cleansing towel

If you are tired of cotton or make-up removers, say goodbye with Easy Démaq ’, a cleansing towel.

We had already spotted some beauty YouTubers testing this type of product,
here we fall in love with this cute model.

On the one hand, long hairs to remove makeup with a single gesture, on the other hand, short hairs to gently exfoliate.
Thanks to this towel, you will remove all your traces of make-up, face, eyes, lips, in 2 minutes.

Very gentle on the face and on the skin, it is a reusable product. The towel can be machine or hand washed.
Suddenly, it is better to have a lot to carry out a rotation between the detergents.
This is possible given a price that remains accessible.

Give it a try too and tell us if you like this new beauty gesture.

Towel cleansing water, "goodbye panda eyes" - Easy Démaq ’, Elite Models, 6.95 €.
Available from November in large and medium surface.

March and April Favorites! | Korean beauty products | (May 2020)

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