Now is the time to fall for perfumed water

Right now, for the purchase of two Roger & Gallet products, including a Eau Fraîche Parfumée, you receive this pretty colorful wallet. A good plan not to be missed if you are a fan of these small mists with delicate smells!

Between Osmanthus Flower, Green Tea, Persian Almond, Orange Wood or Royal Lavender, you have something to find your olfactory happiness. Much lighter than a classic eau de parfum, they will be perfect for the arrival of spring.

In addition, they each have their own virtue: relaxing for the Fig Flower, refreshing for the imaginary Rose or even an energy booster for the Red Ginger.

Perfumed Fresh Water, Roger & Gallet, 100ml, € 39.10.

And if you let yourself be tempted by perfumes for hair ?

Can You Use Perfumed Water in a Clothes Steamer? : Perfumes & Fragrances (May 2020)

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