Oriental hair removal with sugar

Focus on oriental hair removal

Oriental sugar wax is made entirely ofnatural ingredients : sugar, water, honey and lemon.
- Sugar has healing and antiseptic properties.
- Honey is used for its antibacterial and softening power.
- The lemon has a purifying action.
This mixture produces a texture close to caramel that you have to work with your hands. Indeed, this method can be used without tape and without spatula.
It is therefore advisable to put the wax by hand then remove it in the same way to pluck the hairs. It constitutes a depilation with lukewarm wax. It cannot cause burns, unlike hot wax.
Oriental wax can be used on all areas of the body, to depilate the legs, bikini line, underarms, arms and belly.

What are the benefits of oriental hair removal?

Oriental sugar wax has many advantages. It is arguably the most natural method of hair removal. Very ecological, it contains no additives. In this sense, the risks of allergies are reduced.
Making your oriental wax is cheap thanks to basic ingredients that you can easily find in your cupboards.
Sugar wax is very effective and provides a real slowdown in hair regrowth. Over time, the hairs become thinner and less numerous. If hair removal is done well, you can even be quiet for about four weeks.
In addition, oriental wax is a very gentle technique that limits the risk of irritation and redness. It also allowsavoid ingrown hairs and leaves the skin silky. Finally, the wax residue is easily rinsed off with water.

What are the disadvantages of oriental hair removal?

On the downside, we can mainly cite the technical difficulty. Similarly, oriental wax is used on long hair, about 5 mm, for greater efficiency. You must therefore agree to let the hairs grow well before pulling them out again.
This is not given to everyone. Thus, to obtain very soft legs, it may be necessary to go through the beauty salon box. Also, oriental wax is used on long hair, about 5 mm, to demonstrate its greater effectiveness. You must therefore agree to let the hairs grow well before you want to pluck them again.

Do it yourself or in an institute?

Hair removal with oriental wax is difficult for novices to master. You have to have a helping hand and it's not always easy to get the perfect texture. It can also sometimes be difficult to keep this sugar wax warm for the duration of the hair removal.
So, before mastering this technique from A to Z, you risk burning a few caramels and then obtaining more or less shaved legs in certain places.
Do not panic, if you put it everywhere, it rinses off easily with water. But with a little patience and experience of the habit, no doubt that all women can achieve a beautiful oriental wax and use it properly.
On the other hand, for those who are not the type to procrastinate in front of the hairs, it is better to head to a beauty salon, a hammam or a spa practicing this natural technique of hair removal. The professionals who work there perfectly exercise this traditional and ancestral gesture in order to get beautiful skin, soft, silky. What to have fun for four weeks of tranquility.

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