Original Christmas dessert: our best recipes

This year, we are closing our Christmas meal in style. And I promise, it won't be complicated. A single technique that makes the show and your desserts make the show! No more pastry logs or iced logs. Too classic, we taste it every year during the holidays. For this Christmas meal, we put on original desserts: chewable Christmas trees, Christmas cakes, meringue pies with pink grapefruit, or fir-tree cupcakes ...

For a sophisticated and easy dessert

For an original Christmas dessert, you don't have to be a Michelin-starred chef. The kitchen torch is out. To give a little color to your meringue preparations, gently and very briefly brown the ends of the cake. It will immediately take on a completely different appearance. You can caramelize a Norwegian omelette, or even a verrine with Italian meringue, for an amazing individual dessert that will amaze all guests.

A puffed preparation can also give a spectacular result. Provided you have mastered the technique. For this, choose a mold or ramekin with high edges. Fill it to three quarters of the height. Use egg whites at room temperature. Mount them in snow gradually, starting to beat gently, then faster and faster, they will be firmer. And never open the oven door during cooking.

Light Christmas dessert: our ideas

Opt for puffed oranges, a very simple and quick dessert to make. First, cut out the orange hats and scoop them out over a bowl to collect the dripping juice. Remove the thin membranes that surround the pulp, and distribute the pulp in the hollowed out oranges. Place in the refrigerator. Grate the zest of another orange and squeeze the juice, which you pour into a saucepan. Heat without boiling.
Next, whip 3 egg yolks with sugar, vanilla sugar and cornstarch and a little orange juice. Let the mixture thicken for 1 minute over medium heat. Add 2 egg whites until stiff and distribute the mixture among the oranges. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes at 210 ° C.

For a Christmas dessert in a glass: you can make several verrines accompanied by tea or coffee. In the first, make a homemade chocolate mousse. In a second, you can make a small apple and cinnamon crumble with gingerbread. Finally, for a fresh and light verrine, cut fresh seasonal fruit and place them at the bottom of the container, add white cheese, fruit again, then homemade granola. That's it !

How to make an original Christmas log

The log is the traditional christmas dessert. So what if we surprised our guests with taste? Forget the chocolate or the long-awaited vanilla, try exotic fruits like pineapple or lychee for a truly original log. You can also revisit the pastry classics like the Tatin tart or the tiramisu. Also try the log in mini or individual format, to incorporate it into a gourmet coffee for example.

For a fun side and to return to childhood, you can choose to make a pancake log caramel. You can also opt for a delicious roll with a soft and fragrant sponge cake, and combine with it what you prefer: praline, red fruits or even homemade spread. You can also bet on the decoration with a traditional log but take care of the icing and add pearl sugar and fir trees made in chocolate.

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